More Details Emerge on Presidential TFR at PBI

 - January 26, 2017, 12:24 PM
Robert Berlucchi, the FAA’s air traffic manager at Florida’s Palm Beach International Airport, said the NBAA provided input in establishing ground rules for the TFR that will be in place when President Trump is at his Florida home. (Photo: Chad Trautvetter)

Robert Berlucchi, the FAA’s air traffic manager at Florida’s Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), provided more details about the presidential TFR when President Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago residence, which is 2.14 nm east of the centerline of Runway 10R, today at the NBAA Regional Forum. The TFR, which is active only when Trump is at his Florida residence, was developed over the past two months by the Secret Service, TSA, Palm Beach airport authority and FAA, with input from NBAA, he said.

Berlucchi noted that the less restrictive 30-nm outer ring will affect Fort Lauderdale Executive and Stuart Airports, but Lantana Airport “will be the most affected” under the TFR, because it is within the more restrictive 10-nm ring. In fact, when the TFR is active, no operations will be allowed at the airport except for arrivals from gateway airports. Berlucchi said the Secret Service is aware of the effect this will have on the “good guys,” but said that—in the short term—there is no solution to provide TSA screening at Lantana.

He noted that NBAA initially proposed 10 gateway airports for arrivals into the inner ring, but ultimately only five were selected. The three long-distance gateways—Westchester County and Teterboro near New York City and Washington Dulles—are part of a “test program.” More gateways will be looked at in the future, and there is dialog among the parties to expand TSA screenings at the gateways and PBI beyond the current 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule.

When the TFR and Runways 10L, 10R and 14 at PBI are active, business aircraft arrivals will be unchanged, but departures will be given headings to avoid a 1-nm “buffer ring” around Mar-a-Lago. However, the TFR will have a much greater impact when aircraft are arriving from the east, limiting business aircraft to 6,500-foot Runway 32. There is a modified visual approach to Runway 28R when the TFR is active, but for the time being it is for airlineuse only.


The meeting this morning left anyone looking for acceptable answer to the overlord ruling grounding GA at LNA totally without a voice... The request to make TSA available even on the outrageous proposed 8a to 5p schedule available at LNA fell on deaf hears
It appears that the alphabet groups should take this on full force...don't like GA be pushed around for a couple budget dollars for the TSA

Hopefully some of President Trump's rich friends can convince him that the TFR is overblown and will hurt the local airport business. Otherwise airplane owners will just go to another airport instead of dealing with the screening process nonsense. If this becomes the norm at TEB, what a mess that would/will be.

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