HNA Moves To Build Largest Genav Business in China

 - March 30, 2017, 10:19 AM

China’s HNA Group is expanding its reach in the general aviation market with a new investment organization that integrates an array of companies in the sector. The recently launched HNA General Aviation Group will operate a “comprehensive supply chain for general aviation including private jets; helicopters; general aviation airports; airport construction and management; general aviation infrastructure investment; and general aviation training centers, among other fields,” HNA said, adding the organization will be the largest of its kind in China.

HNA General Aviation Group builds upon HNA’s extensive reach in the aviation market in China. Its flagship airline, Hainan Airlines, is among more than a dozen commercial carriers managed by HNA. In the business aviation arena, HNA owns Deer Jet, which operates and manages more than 90 jets, making it the largest private jet company in Asia, according to HNA. And HNA brings a strong background in airports to the business, managing 13 facilities across China.

The effort to expand its reach in the general aviation segment comes as China continues to foster development of the market, HNA noted. The most recent five-year plan outlined a series of policies to promote investment in general aviation, the company said. HNA also pointed to guidelines from China’s State Council that highlight the need to improve service capabilities for general aviation, as well as other efforts by government leaders.