Illinois MRO Receives Contract for Brazillan Helo Mx

 - August 9, 2017, 12:38 PM

Aircraft Propeller Service (APS) has received a license award from UTC Aerospace Systems to provide helicopter servo actuator repairs on Airbus Helicopters in Brazil. As a result, the Illinois-based propeller MRO can now provide level III repairs of actuators on the Airbus EC130, AS350, AS355, AS550, AS565 and AS365, making it the only company in the country with authorization to do so, according to APS.

“We will be providing our MRO servo actuator capabilities for the Squirrel and Dauphin helicopters on behalf of multiple operators, OEMs and FBOs located in Brazil, as a result of having been selected as the licensee for the OEM subsidiary UTC Actuation Systems,” said APS chief revenue officer Dennis Santare. “We take great care of their product across multiple technology groups, which is incredibly important given that our focus is on critical flight safety systems such as propellers and flight controls.”

The company noted it will be using its existing infrastructure in Brazil for the AW101’s servo actuators, and will be modifying its equipment, including a sophisticated test stand, to provide equal success on the Airbus products.