More Florida Airports Back Online

 - September 12, 2017, 12:36 PM
With Hurricane Irma making landfall at Naples, Florida, Matthew Hagans, owner of Naples Jet Center, one of two FBOs on the field, believes his facility was "pretty lucky" escaping with damage to just one hangar, which was empty at the time. While the airport is one of the few in the state that remains closed, he told AIN the FBO is ready to resume operations at any time.

As Florida recovers from Hurricane Irma, several airports in the state are still experiencing effects from the storm two days after its passing. Miami International expects to reopen today for operations on a limited basis, while general aviation-only Miami-Homestead remains closed. Although Miami Executive Airport has reopened, it is operating under pilot-to-pilot communication protocols as the FAA tower is closed for damage assessment, according to the Miami-Dade Aviation Department. All of the state’s major airports—including Fort Lauderdale, Orlando (MCO and Sanford), Tampa and Jacksonville—resumed operations today.

Many locations in the state are still struggling with power outages such as Ocala International Airport-Jim Taylor Field, which is operating only during daylight hours. Pompano Beach Airpark on the east coast of the state remains closed, while Lakeland Linder Regional Airport remains closed to traffic as it supports military and humanitarian flights. Daytona Beach International Airport reopened today, currently to private aviation only.

Matthew Hagans, owner of Naples Jet Center, reported that Naples Airport and most of the city of Naples remain without electricity, and the airport is Notamed as closed except for emergency and government operations. Despite being the site of Irma’s landfall on the mainland, he noted his facility suffered damage to only  one storage hangar, and is ready to reopen upon the cancellation of the Notam. Fort Myers International is open, but nearby Page Field remains closed due to power outage. The Florida Keys were heavily impacted by the storm, and Key West International Airport will not reopen until Friday at the earliest.