Anti-skid Brakes Now Standalone Upgrade for EA-500s

 - September 25, 2017, 11:40 AM

One Aviation is extending the benefits of anti-skid brakes to more owners and operators of the Eclipse 500 very light jet. The Advent Aerospace eABS anti-skid brake system is now available as a standalone upgrade for Eclipse 500s that have been updated to the IFMS 2.08 version of the Innovative Solutions & Support avionics suite. Cost of the installed eABS is $79,950, and the upgrade includes a half day of training at the installation service center (not including fuel cost).

The modification requires two brake control modules in each wheel well; two ABS pressure switches that prevent activation of the system while in flight; two axle-mounted wheel sensors; an ABS digital electronic control unit that monitors and controls the system; and an activation and indication switch mounted on the left side of the instrument panel.

The benefit of the Advent ABS system is that it allows the pilot to apply maximum braking without worrying about locking up or skidding a wheel or losing directional control, even when the runway is contaminated with rain, snow or patchy ice.