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Amstat Teams Up on New Business Aircraft Valuation Tool

 - October 3, 2017, 2:10 PM

Global business aircraft market, fleet and operator information providers Amstat, Van Buren Advisors and General Aviation Services today launched their new Aircraft Valuation Tool (AVT), which the companies said offers a “new approach” to evaluating business aircraft. It is designed “to tackle the challenges clients face when estimating the value of an aircraft,” said Amstat general manager Andrew Young.

These include the time to gather and process the market data needed to calculate values, difficulty in creating value estimates in real time and avoiding subjectivity, he said. To overcome these issues, AVT, which can calculate estimated values in seconds, uses current aircraft specs and the same “consistent objective methodology” for each aircraft.

The tool was developed by combining 35 years of Amstat’s market research, 40 years of General Aviation Services’ transaction experience and 30 years of Van Buren’s analytics and business intelligence. In fact, Van Buren has analyzed years of historical listings, sold business jet data across all available markets and built statistical models that accurately predict the value of an airplane based on a set of “fundamentally driven, and statistically calibrated key value drivers.”

Amstat will demonstrate AVT next week at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas.