NBAA Convention News

AllProtect Offers Surface Covering

 - October 11, 2017, 4:28 PM
The versatile covering marketed by Colo.-based AllProtect Aviation provides MRO providers and aircraft operators with a durable, interior/exterior protective material that is simple to install, leaves no residue, and is reusable. It is available in different widths in rolls of up to 82 feet long.

First–time exhibitor AllProtect Aviation (Booth C6921) is at NBAA 2017 to show off its line of surface protection covering. When aircraft are undergoing maintenance, they can be vulnerable to incidental damage to their exterior and interiors. Thus, the company is marketing the recently-developed, Swiss-made product, which can help minimize damage to sensitive surfaces such as delicate veneers, clear coat varnish coatings and transparencies.

Available by the roll in a choice of three different size spools up to 82 feet long, the felt-like, self-adhesive material is easily removable and leaves absolutely no residue behind, even on windows, according to the Colorado-based company, which tested it extensively in high-heat situations and found no degradation of its adhesive properties.

“Protecting and covering your aircraft is not a new concept but this material is solving a lot of those challenges that are out there in the industry," said Mary Altman, the company’s director of sales, adding it can be used in a variety of maintenance applications, including airframe protection and in paint masking.

Designed for interior and exterior use, the flexible weatherproof material has a plastic film to create a barrier against spills, while the top layer is absorbent. It is padded to protect surfaces against impacts such as dropped tools and can hold its shape while being installed, unlike paper or tape coverings, making its application a one-person job, even for larger sections.

In addition, the material is fully reusable, and after use can simply be rolled back up sticky-side in and stored until the next usage. “This material was developed to protect aircraft,” noted Altman, adding the company is currently working to develop custom laser pre-cut sets of the material to fit specific aircraft model interiors.