Dubai Airshow

Empire Aviation Group Launches Elan Air Charter

 - November 13, 2017, 6:29 AM

Dubai’s Empire Aviation Group (EAG, Static S3) is to launch an air charter brokerage and charter management company to meet rising demand in the Middle East.

Based in Dubai, Elan Air Charter will handle passenger charter, commercial cargo flights and air ambulance missions, as well as global concierge services. Elan Air Charter’s principal manager, Shafiq Derkeshly, a graduate of Emirates Aviation University, is one of the founding members of EAG.

Empire is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and yesterday to mark the occasion it held an event in the static display, where it has a Legacy 650 on show. Steve Hartley, executive director of EAG, said, "Over the past ten years we have built [the company] into a global player in private aviation services and a Dubai aviation success story. Our distinctive aircraft asset management strategy has proved to be very successful, attracting aircraft owners from across the world." The company now has more than 20 aircraft under management.

EAG also announced at Dubai Airshow the appointment of Scott Glenn as new director of sales, with a remit to drive global sales of new and pre-owned aircraft. He will liaise with the company’s dedicated sales office in the U.S. Glenn, and who holds a private pilot’s license, helped launch U.S. sales operations in 2014, after a stint with Sojourn Aviation as a market researcher.