FltPlan Go App Adds Flight Plan Creation

 - December 4, 2017, 11:26 AM
When Internet connections are sparse, the FltPlan Go app allows pilots to create and modify flight plans.

Users of the FltPlan Go tablet app can now create or modify a flight plan using the app. Although FltPlan still recommends that pilots file flight plans on its website, the app feature is ideal, the company said, “when access to the Internet is limited or when you are in a last-minute hurry to get the flight plan in the system.”

The new "Create a Flight Plan" feature is available on the iOS version of FltPlan Go (version 4.6.2), and it can be accessed from the Maps icon. Once created, the plan can be modified, and when it is saved, it is automatically displayed in the "Active Flight Plan List" on the FltPlan website. The NavLog on the FltPlan Go app will also be updated with the new flight plan information.

FltPlan Go is free for FltPlan users, and it is also available for Android and Windows 10 (but currently not with flight plan creation). Some of the app’s features include geo-referenced moving maps, approach plates, airport and taxi diagrams, weight-and-balance, elogbooks and checklists, among others.