Pipistrel LSA Converted into Unmanned Drone

 - December 14, 2017, 9:31 AM

California-based UAVOS has converted three light-sport Pipistrel piston singles into unmanned aerial vehicles and flown the trio together via a synchronized on-board control system. The project is a part of the overall plan to create a multifunctional aerial robotic complex able to carry out group missions with an integrated special payload.

The unmanned aerial system includes a UAV and a ground-control station. With a payload weight of 441 pounds, the aircraft can fly for five hours; flight time with a payload weight of 88 pounds is 20 hours. Takeoff, en route flight, and landing of the drone are carried out in fully automated mode. Maximum cruising speed is 65 knots and the operating temperature range is -40 degrees F to 122 degrees F. The unmanned aircraft are designed for long-endurance missions in conditions of high turbulence and overloads and its reinforced fuselage and landing gear are engineered for harsh landings, including on grass airfields or prepared sites.

UAVOS said the onboard control system is adjustable to most payloads and provides remote diagnostics, as well as remote control via wireless Internet. The company's technologies also include the high-altitude pseudo-satellite control system for high-altitude unmanned solar-powered aerial vehicles; a multi-platform autopilot solution for converting manned vehicles of all types into unmanned ones; and unmanned aerial vehicles designed to counteract electronic warfare.