Challenger 604 in A380 Turbulence Incident Sold for Parts

 - December 21, 2017, 12:34 PM
The stricken Challenger 604, which suffered G over-stress after running afoul of an A380's wake at the beginning of the year, made its final flight back to Germany in the belly of an Antonov 124. It spent the entire year on the ground at Muscat International Airport, where it made an emergency landing after the incident.

The Challenger 604 that suffered damage earlier this year as a result of entering wake turbulence from a passing Airbus A380 has made its final voyage, this time as cargo. Bombardier declared the large cabin twinjet’s fuselage irrecoverable due to the G stress it faced after a high-speed plunge of as much as 10,000 feet before aircraft control was reestablished by the crew. Once released by investigators, the aircraft, formerly operated by Munich-based MHS, was sold to FAI Germany for parts. FAI Germany operates six of these Challengers.

The business jet, which made an emergency landing at Oman’s Muscat International Airport in January, was stripped of its wings and tail by the company’s FAI Technik subsidiary, and was then loaded on an Antonov 124 for the December 19 flight to FAI’s base at Abrecht Dürer International Airport in Nuremberg.

In addition to the Challengers, FAI’s business jet fleet, the largest in Germany, includes four Bombardier Global Expresses, 11 Learjet 60s and a Learjet 55, as well as a Beechcraft Premier 1A.