Kittyhawk Drone Software Adds Automated Flight Feature

 - January 8, 2018, 5:01 PM

Drone software provider Kittyhawk is adding an automated flight system to its Flight Deck feature that works in conjunction with secure, encrypted streaming live audio and video. The new automation features allow operators to plan missions in the Kittyhawk mobile application and then execute the entire flight from takeoff to landing with unlimited waypoints.

In addition, the app has incorporated safety features to ensure that operators are not able to initiate an automated flight to a place beyond the range of the radio and drone, and the software uses the geolocation of the operator to show only flights that are possible to complete. Kittyhawk said the new features in its mobile app have a variety of practical applications, such as enabling law enforcement to access video and audio feeds while automatically flying a scene perimeter, or allowing filmmakers to get more precise shots with consistent speed and altitude.

“Enterprise customers are constantly asking the Kittyhawk platform to do more across the entire workflow,” said company CEO Jon Hegranes. The automated flight feature is the first of several new features the company plans to unveil this year.