Comments Due Soon on Aussie Part 145 Review

 - January 10, 2018, 10:59 AM

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is nearing conclusion of the consultation phase of a planned comprehensive review of its Part 145 aircraft maintenance certification regulations and associated legislation. As a first step, CASA has asked for comments, due by February 16, from the industry on what issues should be addressed.

Part 145 was introduced in June 2011 as part of the regulatory program to transition the requirements of aircraft or aeronautical product maintenance certificates of approval from the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CARs). Since then there has been little substantive upgrading, and CASA believes that some elements of the legislation could be simplified and some requirements could be less restrictive, while still maintaining full compliance with ICAO standards and harmonization with other national aviation authorities. 

Specific objectives of the consultation and eventual proposed rulemaking include ensuring that revised legislation effectively addresses safety risks; reducing the complexity of legislation; fixing any anomalies in the legislation and addressing unintended consequences; removing ambiguities and streamlining the legislation; resolving policy and functionality requirements for specialist maintenance; and identifying and providing interim measures to alleviate some of the complexities and burdensome requirements until final changes are implemented.

No timetable was given for when interim measures might go into effect or when permanent rulemaking and legislative changes would be proposed.