Ruag Teams Complete Complex Mx Projects in Siberia

 - January 10, 2018, 11:21 AM

Ruag Aviation continues to extend its on-site support, completing three complex maintenance and repair events on business aircraft in Siberia for Russian operator AeroGeo Airlines. The events involved two Pilatus PC-12s and a Cessna Caravan 208 that were grounded in Siberia in need of significant repair before they could return to service, Ruag said. The projects each lasted several weeks.

AeroGeo added a PC-12 that had been inactive for a period of time to its fleet to support flights in Central Siberia last year. According to Ruag, it had been stored in a hangar without maintenance checks and subjected to subzero temperatures. AeroGeo had a similar situation with a second PC-12.

The events required spare parts and work on the airframe, cables, components, and engines. Additionally, the Caravan, which had been grounded due to a “frontal impact,” required significant structural repairs that involved sheet metal work.

“We were keen to have the aircraft flying and contributing to our operations as soon as possible. That is why we contacted Ruag to manage the entire project,” said AeroGeo CEO Alexander Mamaev. "Ruag provided us with outstanding support. It handled every detail, beginning with an on-site visit to assess the scope of work,” he said, noting that the teams arrived with all necessary tools and equipment and worked through subzero temperatures to get the work done.