Bell Rebrands as 'Flight' Company

 - February 22, 2018, 1:09 PM

Bell Helicopter is rebranding itself simply as “Bell” and incorporating the dragonfly into its red shield logo to accompany a new slogan, “above and beyond flight,” the company announced today. Bell CEO and president Mitch Snyder said the company is making the changes to reflect its more diversified approach to flight. “We're not a helicopter company, we're not a tiltrotor company, we're a technology company redefining flight,” Snyder said. “We needed something to portray that.”

Snyder said Bell selected the dragonfly for the logo because it has been around for “hundreds of millions of years; continually evolved; is the most amazing flying creature on Earth; can take off and land anywhere; can fly very quickly forward, backward, and sideways, up and down, and hover; can see 360 degrees from above; and catches 95 percent of its prey. It has mastered flight and that is what we are trying to do.”

Snyder said the brand change coupled with Bell's foray into new vehicle types such as urban air taxis does not preclude development of new helicopter models. “It does not mean we are not going to design or build new helicopters. It just means we don't want to be confined to it. We're going to create flight,” Snyder said, adding that Bell is “developing a new commercial product we haven't shown you yet” and will continue to rapid prototype vehicles that will be unveiled “within the next several years.” Snyder said the unnamed new commercial product will be built in Canada.

 “We have several products. We always have new commercial products,” he said.