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EuroTec Nears Li-Ion Battery STC for Airbus H130

 - February 27, 2018, 12:00 PM
Li-ion TB17 battery.

EuroTec (Booth N4330) is nearing completion of an STC that incorporates the TB17 lithium-ion battery from True Blue Power into the Airbus H130/EC130B4 series. The company is also in the final design and development stages of integrating True Blue Power’s TB44 lithium-ion battery into the Airbus H135 series.

“Lithium-ion technology is the next generation of aircraft batteries,” said EuroTec avionics and design manager Adam Boyko. “The batteries are more powerful, safer, and feature smart pack technology that senses voltage, current, and temperature, and incorporates a health monitoring system.”

Compared to traditional lead-acid and NiCad batteries, the TB17 lithium-ion battery is lightweight and involves less maintenance, which can reduce overall operating costs. The batteries from True Blue Power provide increased power during start sequences and offer higher nominal output voltage.

“Partnering our design engineers with True Blue Power’s responsive and dynamic group has greatly streamlined the overall certification process,” said EuroTec president Chad Decker. “They have been very receptive and supportive regarding the various helicopter airframe options we have proposed.”