NATA Board Stresses Need for Code of Ethics

 - March 9, 2018, 12:23 PM

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) board of directors is renewing its call on general aviation businesses to follow a code of ethics, issuing a statement yesterday underscoring the belief that following an industry-wide code will benefit aviation businesses on the whole. The release of the “Statement Regarding Ethical Conduct” is a follow-on to a Code of Ethics released in January 2013 and comes a month after the NATA board in February discussed a need for general aviation businesses to foster company values, promote fair business practices, and deter wrongdoing.

“NATA’s board of directors recognizes that many general aviation businesses have a code of ethics in place, but believes that all businesses should abide by the guiding principles set forth by a code to ensure the industry continues to prosper,” said Greg Schmidt, NATA chairman and president and CEO of Pentastar Aviation.

The statement highlights the need to uphold a code of ethics that involves four pillars: safety, integrity, accountability, and respect. “The heart of NATA’s mission is to empower general aviation businesses to act safely and with integrity," said NATA president Martin Hiller. “It is these attributes that have historically been a key part of the success of the general aviation industry. NATA strongly encourages general aviation businesses to establish and enforce a code of ethics using these four guiding principles.”