Landing, Parking Fees Set To Rise at 14 Greek Airports

 - March 14, 2018, 12:14 PM

Landing and parking fees at the 14 international airports in Greece managed by Fraport are set to increase—and, in some cases, double—starting April 1. The affected airports are those in Aktion, Chania, Corfu, Kavala, Kefalonia, Kos, Lesbos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini, Skiathos, Thessaloniki, and Zakynthos.

Under the existing rates, aircraft of any size can park for free for up to five hours and then pay €1.08 per metric ton, based on mtow, for every 24 hours thereafter. Under the new parking rates, aircraft with mtows of up to 10 metric tons (22,046 pounds) will pay €5 for the first 24 hours and then €10 per 24 hours thereafter. Aircraft with mtows of 10 metric tons or more will still get five hours of free parking, but then be charged a tiered fee: €2.5 for five to 10 hours, €5 for 10 to 24 hours, and €10 per 24 hours.

Landing fees will double for aircraft with mtows less than 10 metric tons at all 14 airports. Aircraft up to five metric tons will be charged €100 and those between five and 10 metric tons, €200. However, landing fee changes at these airports for aircraft with mtows of 10 metric tons or more will vary. They will increase by as much as 37 percent, to €2.47 per metric ton, at Mykonos, and as low as 6 percent, to €2.30 per metric ton, at Kefalonia. Rates will decrease by about 5 percent, to around €2 per metric ton, at Chania and Kavala.