Sun 'n Fun

Daher TBM 930 Gets Additional Avionics Functionality

 - April 12, 2018, 12:22 PM
Daher brought its TBM 930 to Sun ’n‘ Fun in Lakeland, Florida. (Photo: Chad Trautvetter)

Daher introduced new features and functionality for the Garmin G3000 flight deck on its TBM 930 today at Sun ’n‘ Fun 2018. New functions include Surface Watch, Baro Vnav, visual approach, Flight Stream 510 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and enhanced symbology. The company also announced a new name for its North American division: Daher Aircraft Inc., from Socata North America.

“Our long-term partnership with Garmin enabled us to introduce the latest G3000 capabilities on the TBM 930,” said Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher’s airplane business unit. “Working together, our teams were able to integrate, test, and certify this major update in just a few months.”

Garmin SurfaceWatch increases situational awareness in the airport environment, while Baro Vnav allows approaches with vertical guidance when WAAS navigation is not available. Meanwhile, Visual approach provides vertical guidance to TBM pilots performing visual approaches with vertical guidance into any airport. The improved symbology includes a TBM silhouette on charts and maps, while crew-alerting-system messages are now displayed in white for easier distinction from caution (yellow) and warning (red) messages. Garmin’s Flight Stream 510 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enables connectivity to mobile devices running Garmin Pilot, Foreflight, or FltPlan Go apps.