ABACE Convention News

ESS Displays New Service Support App

 - April 16, 2018, 2:00 PM

Bizav services provider Express Solution Service (ESS; Booth H1722) is showcasing its FOC Aviation Service Support System app and “China Service” brand value concept in its ABACE debut.

Established last year, ESS is currently providing services for more than 100 flights per month, with FOC playing a key role in its expansion. Designed and developed in-house, FOC, officially released on the eve of the show, integrates scheduling and service support through mobile devices and personal computers as well as WeChat in real time, while also managing passengers’ flight information and performing big data analysis.

As for its brand value concept, the Beijing-based company noted, “‘China Speed’ and ‘China Style’ have been recognized by the world,” and that “under such a big trend, we have no reason not to create a ‘China Service’ to make the aviation world better.”

While service providers typically rely on measuring performance and customer feedback to monitor their level of service, the company said, “The ESS team doesn’t believe this is enough. We believe that the real ‘China service’ is innovation and changing people’s cognition of the experience by innovation.” ESS invites attendees to visit their booth where “we will show you the future,” the company said.