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Textron Aviation China Reps Order 52 Skyhawks

 - April 17, 2018, 1:36 AM

Textron Aviation (Chalet 10) received orders for 52 Cessna Skyhawk piston singles that will help build up China’s trainer fleets as well as expand on operations in the country. The orders include a deal for 39 Skyhawks from Hairuo General Aviation and 13 from Hubei Sky-Blue International Aviation Academy. The aircraft are to be delivered this year.

“China's 13th five-year plan brings out favorable policies to boost general aviation development, leading to unprecedented opportunities in the aviation training market,” said Kevin Wu, vice president of international sales, Greater China and Mongolia. “In China, the aviation market and pilot training are growing quickly and steadily, resulting in greater demand for high-quality training aircraft.”

Hairuo, an authorized sales representative and service facility for Cessna piston singles in China, plans to add a few of the 39 Skyhawks to its own fleet, but most will head toward the company’s customers, including aviation academies, flight schools, aviation clubs, general aviation operators, and other enterprises. “Along with Textron Aviation, we are committed to contributing to the development of the general aviation industry in China by improving its training, operations, sales, and service system,” said Hairuo president Maosen Chen.

Hubei Sky-Blue International Aviation Academy, also an authorized Cessna piston single sales and service provider in China, has focused on developing the country’s training needs and has acquired Skyhawks since its establishment in 2007. “The company has signed purchase agreements with end-users, and there are solid prospects for the 13 Skyhawks to be purchased in 2018,” said Song Jin, president of Hubei Sky-Blue.  He added the company is planning to purchase 50 more Skyhawks over the next five years, along with some business jets.