Aviation Orgs Draft Guidance for Remote Technology Use

 - May 9, 2018, 11:06 AM

Sixteen aviation organizations have developed a suggested draft Advisory Circular to provide guidance on using remote technology and tools. The groups put together the draft AC after consulting with the FAA on a draft policy covering “remote witnessing using video” that was released for comment earlier this year, according to the Aeronautical Repair Station Association.

The FAA’s remote witnessing draft AC is designed to enable FAA-authorized witnesses to use video to remotely witness certain engineering tests. The draft AC developed by the aviation organization expanded on that to provide a baseline for compliance with the regulations while accommodating the use of connectivity technology, video, livestream and other audio and visual tools. This baseline would include general set up requirements and ensuring “the same level of acumen and capability [through remote connection] as if the oversight, inspection, test, or training task or activity was conducted on-premises,” ARSA said.

Delivered to Dorenda Baker, executive director of the Aircraft Certification Service and John Duncan, executive director of the Flight Standards Service, the AC was submitted backed by the Aerospace Industries Association, AOPA, Airlines for America, Aviation Suppliers Association, Aviation Technician Education Council, Cargo Airline Association, GAMA, Modification and Replacement Parts Association, National Air Carrier Association, NATA, Professional Aviation Maintenance Association, Regional Airline Association, Boeing, Gulfstream Aerospace, and Moog Aircraft Group, in addition to ARSA.