Australia PBCS Authorization Takes Effect

 - May 17, 2018, 11:52 AM

Operators flying in Australia can now obtain approval for performance-based communication and surveillance (PBCS), which permits trips along the most efficient routes and flight levels. To obtain approval, each operator must meet specific requirements for PBCS avionics equipment and performance, documentation, and pilot training.

Those who wish to operate on PBCS routes and flight levels will need to comply with the requirements of CASA document 33/18, as well as carry on the aircraft a copy of the document and other prescribed credentials, including a statement of compliance and letter of authorization from Australia's CASA. The published CASA authorization document includes some small amendments to reflect the comments received during recent public consultation.

The authorization document states that aircraft must be equipped with avionics supporting ADS-C and controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) applications over FANS 1/A. Finally, the operations manual must contain appropriate procedures for the purposes of ensuring that the requirements of CASA document 33/18 are met.

PBCS routes and flight levels apply in some oceanic airspace in the Asia-Pacific and North Atlantic regions, and might be applied in other airspace in the near future, in line with new ICAO provisions. Currently, oceanic airspace in which PBCS operations are permitted includes Reykjavik, Gander, Shanwick, Santa Maria, New York, Anchorage, Singapore, Tahiti, Oakland, Auckland, and portions of Japan.