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Airbus Introduces Harmony Cabin for ACJ Widebodies

 - May 30, 2018, 3:02 AM

Airbus Corporate Jets unveiled a new cabin concept, Harmony, for widebody aircraft last week at EBACE 2018. Initially proposed for the new ACJ330neo, Harmony is adaptable to other ACJ widebodies, including the forthcoming ACJ350 XWB, which can reach virtually any location on earth nonstop. In place of the angular lines of most VIP interiors, concentric circles—“like ripples on a pond”—are a feature of the Harmony cabin layout, according to the company.

“Long-haul flights provide time for productive work and socializing, as well as rest, and the Harmony cabin concept is wonderfully well designed to enable all of these, while bringing the world with a single flight,” said Airbus Corporate Jets president Benoit Defforge.

Described as “timeless and elegant” by Airbus Corporate Jets head of creative design Sylvain Mariat, the interior includes a globe in the entrance area that holistically displays the aircraft’s position, a master bedroom suite and office, and a spacious lounge with round table seating areas. In the rear are four VIP guest suites, each with an office that converts to a bedroom, and en-suite bathroom with shower. Further aft is seating for support staff. Harmony can be adapted for both private and government customers, the company said.