Milestone Becomes Largest S-92 Fleet Owner

 - May 31, 2018, 5:37 PM
Having added four more Sikorsky S-92s to its portfolio, leasing provider Milestone Aviation Group is now the world's largest owner of the type.

GE Capital Aviation Services unit Milestone Aviation Group recently completed the purchase and leaseback of four Sikorsky S-92 helicopters, boosting the company's owned and financed portfolio of S-92s to over 95—more than one-third of the total S-92 fleet. Milestone is now the owner of the largest S-92 fleet in the world.

Milestone CEO Daniel Rosenthal said Sikorsky “has demonstrated a focus on keeping these aircraft competitive.” In recent years the offshore industry has shifted its preference to medium and super-medium helicopters, as opposed to large helicopters such as the S-92. However, used S-92s remain price competitive for many offshore applications, and others have been shifted to search and rescue missions, where the S-92 is proving increasingly popular.

Sikorsky has taken significant actions in recent years to reduce the cost of S-92 operation including reducing AOG turnaround time by two-thirds, better forward stocking of parts, adding authorized service centers, increasing the intervals between major inspections, adding real-time health usage and monitoring and integrating it with the maintenance management system, interactive technical manual, and Sikorsky360 customer portal to speed maintenance recommendations and parts ordering.