FAA: Teterboro Airport SID Deviations Continue

 - June 5, 2018, 11:26 AM

The RUUDY Six standard instrument departure (SID) from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport (TEB) continues to incur both lateral, and in particular, vertical pilot deviations, according to an FAA notice released this week. The procedure provides IFR separation between TEB Runway 24 departures and overhead traffic descending into Newark Liberty Airport (EWR).

Because of TEB’s proximity to EWR and other area airports, the FAA emphasized, “It is imperative to follow the RNAV (RNP1) departure procedure to performance-based navigation (PBN) standards.” Apparently, some aircraft are drifting left of course “to avoid noise monitors,” the agency said.

The FAA also reminded pilots to not climb above 1,500 feet msl until passing WENTZ intersection. “There is only 1,000 feet of separation with overhead traffic at WENTZ,” said the notice. When issued the clearance to “climb via the SID,” all altitude restrictions “must be complied with as depicted on the chart.”

A New York Tracon letter to airmen details the procedure and provides steps operators should take to ensure compliance with the requirements based on the fact that aircraft, FMS avionics, and auto-flight combinations can vary in capability and manner of operation. Further information on the procedure can be found on the Teterboro Users Group website.


The proof of insanity is repeating the same behavior while expecting a different outcome. Charting for most SIDs and STARS provides a glimpse into the overly complex world of the government technocrat intent on cramming as much arcane jargon, fine print and monochromatic instructions onto the smallest area possible: and expecting overworked, under-rested humans operating hurtling missiles to absorb that information, interpret its meaning - and thence perform flawlessly. Aint gonna happen. The FAA would be well advised to make a simple, 4 color graphic with heavy lines, huge print that captures just enough information, is rooted to the meanest understanding to make the point - and leave it at that. Compliance will soar.

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