Skandia's PC-12 Soundproofing Kit Gets FAA Nod

 - June 20, 2018, 12:58 PM

Skandia’s acoustic soundproofing kit for the Pilatus PC-12 has received FAA STC approval. Incorporating “modern and effective” soundproofing materials, the acoustic system was found in tests to reduce overall sound by 4dB (SIL) in PC-12s, while some cabin seating areas achieved reductions as high as 6dB (SIL), according to the Davis Junction, Illinois-based company. Further, Skandia said that installing the kit is “simple and straightforward.”

“We have created the system in a way that owner/operators can select how much sound performance they want to add based on their budget, or, how much weight they want to use,” said Skandia vice president Jarod Triplett. Thus, PC-12 owners can select options of acoustic materials such as fuselage skin and floor damping, thermal acoustic insulation bags, over-frame blankets, and/or carpet pad.

The upgrade also improves the turboprop single’s thermal insulation properties, according to Scott Williams, who installed the kit on his PC-12. “We have noticed a slight reduction in the perceived noise level in the cabin and a more significant improvement in its thermal insulation properties. The airplane is quicker to heat when cold and quicker to cool when hot,” he said. “The factory-original insulation materials were beginning to degrade due to their age."

Skandia's acoustic system kits can be purchased directly or through an MRO or completions center, according to the company.