FAA Awards King Air 350ER Performance Upgrade STC

 - July 3, 2018, 1:18 PM
Blackhawk's new XP67A Engine+ STC for the King Air 350ER increases the aircraft's MTOW while boosting power, and improving hot-and-high performance.

Vector-Hawk Aerospace, a subsidiary of aftermarket upgrade provider Blackhawk Modifications, has teamed with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) to earn an FAA STC for an engine improvement on the King Air 350ER. The Blackhawk XP67A Engine+ Upgrade STC kit for the turboprop twin improves the aircraft’s load carrying capability and horsepower output for special-mission applications. According to the companies, the modification will provide a 25 to 30 percent increase in power, which equates to improved climb and cruise performance, particularly under hot and high conditions. While the PT6A-67A will increase the thermodynamic shp by 400 over the stock PT6A-60A, the STC will reduce the weight of the aircraft by 18 pounds.

“The mission-enhancement kit provides users with the most capable aircraft available, providing greater useable power, allowing for increased mission payloads and significantly longer loiter times, while providing increased safety and reduced risk throughout the range of operations and mission locations,” said Tim Owings, executive v-p of SNC’s integrated mission systems unit.

The kit will include two new Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, new MT five-blade composite propeller assemblies and spinners, and a True Blue Power lithium-ion battery. Training, support, and a five-year/2,500-hour enhanced new-engine warranty are also part of the package.