FAA Draft AC Addresses Part 135 Aircraft Inspections

 - July 10, 2018, 9:32 AM

Air-taxi operators seeking to add an aircraft to their Part 135 certificate are required to ensure that the aircraft is configured appropriately and is in airworthy condition. The inspection to validate the aircraft for air-taxi operations must be conducted by the operator, and the FAA has published the draft of new advisory circular AC 135-CODO to help.  

Items that must be covered in the inspection include verifying the aircraft is registered and that the registration number is contained on the airworthiness certificate; if the aircraft is leased, the lease must contain a provision for the possession, control, and use, exclusive to the lessee; validating the aircraft has been maintained in accordance with maintenance FARs; and confirming all STCs, major repairs, and alterations have been installed correctly and the data was submitted to the FAA.

Operators must ensure that any modifications or alterations to the aircraft are performed to conform with Part 135. Additionally, operators must establish procedures to enable the acceptance of this aircraft, and any other aircraft, into the organization. This includes the selection of a maintenance or inspection program to be entered into the maintenance records. These procedures must also be able to capture, track, and document all required maintenance to include life-limited parts.

Comments on draft AC-135-CODO are due by July 27.