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Redbird Announces Trade in, Trade Up Program

 - July 24, 2018, 11:11 AM

Redbird (Booth 304) has announced a new "Trade In, Trade Up" program to give owners of outdated simulators with access to an upgrade path to a new Redbird aviation training device. Outdated designs coupled with aging technology have limited the use of many older simulators, the company said. Thus, Redbird’s new program will allow operators of these aging devices to still gain value from their initial investment while providing an upgraded training experience to their customers.

“The industry has come to understand how impactful modern simulation is in flight training, but writing off an old device can be a difficult decision for a business owner. Our Trade In, Trade Up program gives these owners a way to turn the simulator they have into the one they want,” said Redbird COO and president Charlie Gregoire.

The program considers all flight simulators, including simulators designed by other companies, to be traded in for credit toward a new Redbird. The company will provide a complementary value assessment for any qualified trade-in. After an offer is received, Redbird will assist participants in selecting a new Redbird device suitable for their training needs. An agreed-upon credit will then be applied toward the purchase price of the new Redbird device.