New Trial Adds More Genav Slots in Hong Kong

 - August 9, 2018, 12:15 PM

Given the difficulty for slots and parking faced by general and business aviation aircraft operators at Hong Kong International Airport—already operating at more than 95 percent capacity—the airport authority (AAHK) and the Hong Kong schedule coordination office (HKSCO) have begun a trial increase in slot availability.

According to information released by Flight Service Bureau, the number of general/business aviation slots available between 1600 to 2059 UTC will be increased from four to six daily and available to all aircraft not currently exempted from the Noise Quota Count Pilot Scheme.

The application process for the slots will remain unchanged from what was introduced in 2016. Each user must have an approved runway slot from the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, parking confirmation from AAHK, and ground services arrangement from the Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre before commencing an operation to/from HKIA.

The trial period, subject to review by the AAHK and HKSCO, is expected to last until October 7. Parking and slot approval are aircraft registration specific, with no changes allowed to aircraft registration and/or slot time once approved. Any changes, except for departure slot time, requires cancellation and then reapplying for new slots.