APS Adds High-altitude Recurrent Upset Training

 - August 30, 2018, 1:33 PM

Upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) specialist Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) has added high-altitude recurrent upset training to its offerings. The one-day recurrent training program is sufficient to refresh knowledge and skills of pilots who previously attended its multi-day integrated academic, on-aircraft, and simulator UPRT courses.

According to APS, the recurrent training program is a concentrated day of on-aircraft UPRT that “reinvigorates initial training competencies and updates skills to the industry’s most recent advancements.” For pilots and flight departments wanting to extend their recurrent training, APS also offers several half-day courses that can be added, including high altitude jet upset and stall training; dedicated instrument recovery sessions; simulator UPRT in multi-engine turboprop, turbojet/turbofan, and transport-category aircraft; as well as customer-selectable stall/spin recovery sessions and more.

“The addition of high altitude swept-wing jet upset training to the APS menu of recurrent training services ensures our graduates have a variety of training options throughout their career that match their daily flight operations,” said APS president Paul B.J. Ransbury. “We’re dedicated to serving them throughout their careers to overcome the number-one fatal threat they face on every single trip: loss of control in flight.”