BN2T Turbine Islander Awarded TC Type Certification

 - September 10, 2018, 1:06 PM
Transport Canada Civil Aviation awarded type certification to the BN2T Turbine Islander on September 5.

Britten-Norman’s BN2T Turbine Islander has won Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) type certification for operations in Canada, as the manufacturer seeks to build on the Islander’s established presence with Canadian operators serving all-terrain strips as short as 620 feet by offering them the BN2T’s increased payload capability.

“We have generated a great deal of interest in our piston and turboprop variants of the Islander in Canada in the last 18 months,” said Lara Harrison, B-N’s business development manager. “The Islander already serves in a variety of roles in the wider region and is viewed by many as the backbone of operations into remote strips in areas from Alaska through to the Yukon and as far east as Québec to Labrador.”

Powered by two 320-shp Rolls-Royce 250-B17 turboprops, the BN2T won Transport Canada certification on September 5 to operate at 7,000-pound mtow and 6,800-pound maximum landing weight. These TCCA-certified weights and the BN2T’s 230-U.S. gallon usable fuel capacity are conditional on it being fitted with integral wingtip tanks under BN’s Mod NB/M/1153.

In updating its Type Certificate Data Sheet for the BN2 Islander family, TCCA also recognized a change in the type certificate holder’s name from Britten-Norman Limited to Britten-Norman Aircraft Limited. Britten-Norman is also working to obtain FAA approval for the BN2T-4S Defender militarized version of the Turbine Islander.