Website Connects Contract Bizav Crews with Employers

 - October 8, 2018, 5:45 PM

A new website dedicated to contract employment called ContractCrew connects employers with contract business aircraft pilots and flight attendants. The platform allows available crewmembers to respond to trips posted by employers based on their anticipated location at the time of the trip. According to ContractCrew, this model supports repositioning costs savings.

Use of the website is free for employers and flight crews, and crews are directly compensated by the employer. Crewmembers can sign up for SMS and email trip notifications and can apply for trips directly on the website. Upon signing up for a trip, flight crews are given an option to indicate if they will be within a two-hour drive of the departure airport or if additional transportation is necessary. Currently, ContractCrew has 613 members: 77 employers, 329 pilots, and 207 flight attendants.

According to the company, pilot information is not displayed publicly and is shared only with the employer after they apply for a trip. Employers are also tasked with verifying pilot credentials prior to the trip.