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F/List Spotlights New North American Division

 - October 11, 2018, 11:00 AM
With its specialty in flame-retardant wood veneers, Austria’s F/List also focuses on refurbishment services and cabin interior production. The company recently opened F/List Canada, expanding its market reach across the Atlantic to better serve the growing North American market.

On the heels of the May opening of F/List Canada, its new North American production facility and center of excellence, the Austrian provider of VIP interiors components and services is touting at NBAA 2018 what it calls the “significant synergies” the new outpost offers customers on this side of the Atlantic.

“Our flame-retardant wood veneers are in high demand,” said Sean Johnson, CEO of the new branch. “The finishing of cabinetry and other products in Montreal for customers in North America gain us a competitive advantage by shortening lead times and boosting service quality.”

Johnson noted F/List “covers the entire value chain of aircraft interiors, from the initial sales contact up to comprehensive refurbishment services,” including the development, engineering, and manufacturing of all elements of the cabin interior, down to the floorings, linings, and systems. F/List Canada’s offerings fall into three categories: wood veneer production; refurbishment services; and cabin interior production. Primary customers are major OEMs, MROs and completion centers in Canada and the U.S. The bulk of F/List’s OEM cabinet production will remain at its Austrian HQ, which has varnish and polishing facilities for finishing the in-house produced cabinets.

Johnson, who led interior development on the Bombardier Global 7000 (since renamed the 7500) for several years before coming to F/List (Booth 4232), is hosting the company’s display in Orlando, where its entire line of interiors products and services is showcased. Here you’ll find the proprietary flooring products that first gained the company attention, including its real stone, wood, and leather veneer flooring and award-winning heated stone flooring. At least one form of its flooring seems to be a de rigueur design feature on every VIP airliner completion and refurbishment project today. With the Montreal facility putting a particular emphasis on high-quality wood veneers, the company is also presenting a veneer exhibit at its booth. All its custom multi-ply veneers are treated with F/List’s REACH-compliant flame-retardant formula, which minimizes milky surfaces, graying, and salt-crust stains, according to the company.

Another featured capability, F/List’s laser-engraving technology, enables it to inscribe virtually any design, pattern, logo, or image on many hard surfaces, most notably wood and stone, providing unlimited onboard customization and branding opportunities.

In the refurbishment arena, F/List’s aftermarket division provides services including touch-ups, repairs, re-varnishing, and re-veneering of cabinetry, replacement of floors, and re-upholstery of seats, divans, and linings. It also has mobile teams of repair specialists that can be dispatched worldwide for quick fixes.

In cooperation with the Austrian HQ, F/List Canada also offers interiors consulting services and digital interior design assistance.

Sharing F/List’s display area is Hilitech, a joint venture with Hintsteiner Group, whose manufacturing technology allows production of seamless components in complex 3D shapes. The partnership expands F/List’s capabilities in providing innovative lightweight composite components for cabin interiors.

Here in Orlando, the F/List team “will take the time to answer any questions visitors might have regarding all our capabilities, including refurbishment services, OEM interiors, and completions,” said Johnson.