NBAA Convention News

MSB’s High-End Cabin Appointments on Display

 - October 12, 2018, 3:00 PM
Quebec-based MSB Design specializes in high-end galley and cabin elements, including its popular uplit glass racks that have been modified with even more subtle lighting.

MSB Design, manufacturer of high-end galley and cabin furnishings, is showcasing at NBAA 2018 its customized china, crystal, and flatware (CCF) galley inserts; Hi-Lo pedestal conference tables; and digital device stowage systems for business jets and VIP airliners.

Galley ware on display includes “improved” up-lit glass racks. “We launched them last year, and this year we’ve modified them to deliver even more subtle light, which contributes to the layered lighting look that is becoming popular in cabin trends,” said Shannon Gill, managing director, MSB Aerospace.

New textures and colors on CCF stowage inserts are also making their debut in Orlando. “Private clients particularly want darker, bolder textured finishes for our CCF stowage inserts,” said Gill. “We’ve seen crystal and glassware stowage systems leave the facility with a hammered finish and darker plating than normal. Palettes are led by light to charcoal grays, and the textures are subtle but visible. Some almost emulate the look of carbon fiber, which looks very cool, so we’re highlighting the options in this area.”

MSB (Booth 1468) is also showcasing its adjustable height synchronized single- and dual-pedestal Hi-Lo tables in action. “We started by making a duo-pedestal but have now produced a four-pedestal table for a large dining table in a heavy jet,” said Gill. “These multifunction tables are proving popular, and we are looking to maximize their usage.”

Monitor and personal device stowage systems are also taking center stage at the MSB display. “As passengers bring more digital devices into the cabin, we’re looking at how we can optimize space, yet provide stowage systems that enable easy use of the devices, and stow them neatly and safely when they’re not in use,” Gill said. “We’ll also be promoting our capacity to create customized stowage items. We’ve been developing more product in this field. We were even asked to devise a system to safely stow away a disco glitter ball.”

In a first for the company, the MSB Global Resources team is attending the show. A creative recruitment company, Global Resources seeks, identifies, sources, and recruits the right talent for all interiors and completions needs. “We’re pleased that they will be on hand to talk with delegates and employers and brings a whole new dimension to our presence,” Gill said.

Meanwhile, the Quebec, Canada-based company’s new Savannah, Georgia facility is now fully operational, representing almost 30 percent of MSB’s production capacity. Additionally, its new 10,000-sq-ft R&D facility in Montreal, with its own dedicated engineering team, has just opened. “We will be using this to further develop our product range,” Gill said. “As technology, materials and passenger expectations evolve, we want to be sure we’re producing products that meet form and function requirements.”