NBAA Convention News

New Family of Smart Screens from Rosen

 - October 12, 2018, 8:00 AM
Rosen’s Media Input Panel (MIP) interfaces with passengers’ personal devices to deliver content such as movies, music, and other audio files.

Rosen Aviation is demonstrating at NBAA 2018 its new RosenView Access family of HD smart displays and new ACC100 plug-in tablet holders. Also showcased at the veteran cabin IFE products provider's exhibit (Booth 1084) are its sleek and ultra-slim high-def (HD) displays, HD source equipment, cabin controls, and mapping systems.

The new RosenView Access smart displays can host select apps and store media content including movies, audio files, and briefings, and combined with Rosen’s Media Input Panel (MIP), enable passengers to bring on HDM devices or content on USBs, and stream to the smart displays or personal devices. Monitor and cabin functions can be controlled via Rosen’s touchscreen control unit, PEDs, or IR remote.

The new ACC100 line of plug-in tablet holders features 360-degree rotation and a universal mount for left- or right-side positioning, and an adjustable cradle that allows hands-free operation. Designed for customers who already have Rosen plug-in displays, the new holders are drop-ins for existing micro D and pogo pin bases, requiring no interior modification or wiring changes to support the unit’s USB charging feature.

Rosen also offers more than a dozen thin, lightweight personal and bulkhead displays for business aircraft cabins, ranging in size from 9 inches to 55 inches, all with 1080P HD performance. A selection of Slimline bases can serve as mounting receptacles for the personal display screens.

For getting content to the displays, Rosen offers a range of compact and lightweight onboard source and distribution products, including Blu-ray players and its MIP, complemented by video and headphone distribution amplifiers and an audio control jack. In-flight information-wise, the RosenView MX Moving Map combines satellite imagery and a roadway data view for its graphics, has multiple zoom levels, and supports optional video and audio cabin briefings, and multiple languages.

Rosen designs, manufactures, supports, and repairs all its products at its Eugene, Oregon facility, and in addition to its off-the-shelf products, works with clients to develop custom solutions for cabin management and entertainment needs.