Baldwin Program Quantifies SMS Results

 - October 16, 2018, 11:00 AM

Addressing the growing role of safety management system (SMS) in aviation, Baldwin Aviation (Booth 2653) has combined a series of algorithms to develop its Safety Monitor product. One of the complications of instituting an effective aviation SMS is accurately measuring its effectiveness. Multiple audits of the same operation often result in differing opinions.

Safety Monitor provides quantifiable measures of each of the four components of an SMS: safety policy; risk management; safety assurance; and promotion. Baldwin measures each component every month, tracks them, and documents the results. The goal is a definitive report that customers, auditors, and the operator can use to assess and quantify overall safety performance.

The Safety Monitor is part of Baldwin’s overall performance monitoring program, used to assess SMS conformity. According to the company, its program differs from others in that it provides ongoing documentation, compared with competitors’ “snapshot” views.

Founded in 2004, Baldwin’s mission is to support SMS programs for commercial/noncommercial programs, medical transport, defense, airports, FBOs and MROs, OEMs, UAVs, and ground vehicles. Baldwin’s technology provides “customized, real-time safety systems with 24/7 support,” according to the company.