Alerion Owner Portal Provides Access to Range of Data

 - November 29, 2018, 11:58 AM

Alerion Aviation has rolled out its new aircraft owner portal that provides access to an array of real-time information, including schedules, expenses, maintenance updates, and passenger lists. Currently in beta test but soon to be available to all clients, the portal provides the ability for owners to look both backward and forward to have a more comprehensive overview of operations and trends.

In addition, the portal enables multiple owners to coordinate schedules with aircraft itineraries. The data is accessible anywhere on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, according to the company.

“A highly functional, interactive owner portal with real-time schedules, financial, and maintenance information has been the ‘Holy Grail’ of the aircraft management business,” said Alerion Aviation CEO Bob Seidel, noting that he personally has explored a working model for such a concept for a dozen years. The portal itself has been in development for two years, he said, adding, “Alerion is excited to make this feature available to our managed aircraft owners and their staffs.”

While developing the portal, Alerion prioritized security, the company said, ensuring data is stored in a secure cloud-based database. Each owner has unique password protection.