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China venture expands UAS FBO presence

 - December 6, 2018, 2:00 AM
Dubai’s UAS International Trip Support, now in cooperation with China’s Deer Jet, offers priority access to premium FBOs.

Dubai-based UAS International Trip Support (Booth 500) has continued its growth trajectory as it makes inroads in the Chinese market, through its partnership with Deer Jet, and continues to develop software products which attract a substantial clientele around the world.

“UAS continued in double-digit growth during the first half of 2018,” Mohammed Husary, executive president, told AIN on the eve of MEBAA. Deer Jet, a unit of China’s HNA Group, acquired a majority stake in UAS in 2016.

“This May, we announced a great addition to our offering—priority access to the largest and best FBO network in China. It’s a result of our advanced-level partnership with Deer Jet and massively expands our presence across the vast region. Our focus is to continuously strive to build a seamless customer experience for China-based operators wherever they fly globally,” he said.

In May, UAS announced a boost to its ground presence and service capabilities in China as it gained priority access and pricing at the country’s largest FBO network, thanks to its alliance with Deer Jet. UAS now participates in the operation and management of 11 Chinese FBOs through its local partner.

“The expanded UAS China network also guarantees the UAS standard of quality at each of the FBOs, some of which are the only fixed-based operators available at their destinations—and on-the-ground supervision by UAS station managers is available at these 11 stations, as well as across 180 Chinese airports, owing to Deer Jet’s extensive ground presence,” he said.

“From a connectivity point of view, this was a massive coup for UAS, as we are now able to ensure our clients benefit in terms of the highest levels of service and cost-efficiency throughout China. This is integral to our commitment to giving our clients exactly what they want.”

Owners wanted crew and ground support to ensure smooth operations, he said. “The UAS Station Manager Network in Africa and China was born out of this necessity. Our clients are only dealing with one person at the station and this means easier and faster communication and no misunderstandings. Having a station manager on the ground makes the mission seamless,” he said.

“In China, our Beijing office is busy serving operators based all over the region. For any clients who need greater support, we provide it by creating a fully-fledged unit on their premises to cater to only them. This is what we have provided for our partners Deer Jet and the HNA Group, and it is a business model that can be replicated for other clients who require consistent, top-level support.”

He said the aviation technology suite, UAS Evolution, is steadily gaining new users with UAS FlightEvolution, "[with] UAS LinkEvolution™ proving the most popular technologies from the suite.

“UAS is a dynamic and innovative company within a highly competitive industry. Our mission for 2019 is to consistently enhance the customer-experience in each aspect of UAS—our global network, air charter, trip support, and aviation technology,” Husary concluded.

UAS’s technology offerings include four software products that are attracting global attention. “Presently, we are focusing on refining and further promoting the four products we have already created and currently have on offer as part of the UAS Evolution technology suite. Our implementation team has been constantly traveling globally to train flight departments how to use UAS FlightEvolution and the feedback has been [positive].”

When UAS began researching and developing technology, it set out to transform the way in which pilots and dispatchers planned their missions. It wanted to design tools that would make their lives easier and more time- and cost-effective.

“And we are succeeding. UAS FlightEvolution has brought a new level of in-flight situational awareness and intuitive design to flight planning and weather [technology]. UAS LinkEvolution is outstanding due to the global connectivity it provides with unlimited data and no hidden datalink charges. So far it has helped many operators radically reduce their datalink costs,” he said.

“UAS FuelEvolution quite literally delivers total fuel management in one tool. Imagine being able to compare aviation fuel costs, calculate taxes, and store supplier data with a simple touch of a button. Now, clients can order immediately by simply selecting the location and price and adding their flight dates and the quantity of fuel they require.”

UAS bundles one product that is complementary to all clients. “UAS TMSEvolution gives our clients real-time access to mission-critical information about trip support requests to save time and hassle," he said. "Promoting] the value and capabilities of this suite…will continue to be our focus as long as the demand remains, and we forecast that it will for the foreseeable future.”