VistaJet Plunges Into the World of Wine

 - December 6, 2018, 11:34 AM
VistaJet's new Wine in the Air program examined the affects flying has on taste and smell and selects its wines accordingly. Guests can partake in a wine list assembled by company founder, chairman and wine enthusiast Thomas Flohr, as well as learn what questions to ask when ordering wine aloft. The company will offer wine-centric tours, in-flight wine tastings, even a concierge to help locate, purchase and transport that elusive vintage.

Global lift provider VistaJet has launched a program aimed at oenophiles. The VistaJet Wine Program provides an expansive exploration into the experience of all things wine for its customers. The company hosted some of the world’s most renowned vintners to understand how taste and aroma are affected by the cabin atmosphere to allow maximum enjoyment of the wine while aloft.

“Enjoying a glass of wine while in flight should be the same as a glass of wine in a restaurant, but nobody has ever managed to offer this on a global scale,” said company founder and chairman Thomas Flohr, a wine enthusiast with a cellar of more than 3,000 bottles. “So to provide the consistency of service and quality to our members, we have created the first global program that will ensure our guests enjoy the best possible wine in the sky, whilst catering to all their needs when it comes to tasting, collecting, discovering, and developing a deeper knowledge of wine, anytime, anywhere.”

The aircraft operator published its results in a book with recommendations from noted wine enthusiasts about how to choose wines while in flight. Other aspects include a list of wines that will perform well at altitude, personally curated by Flohr; the VistaJet Wine Club, which offers tastings of 12 carefully selected wines each year; bespoke tours of some of the world’s renowned wineries, and a wine concierge who can recommend wines before the flight, and at the destination region, as well as help in locating specific vintages at auction from a network of global experts.