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GainJet First To Benefit from Ireland's EJ Registry

 - December 8, 2018, 6:30 AM

An Embraer Lineage 1000 recently delivered to GainJet Ireland has become the first aircraft to be registered under the new EJ Irish business and corporate aircraft register.

Ireland’s existing EI register serving commercial aircraft, set up in 1928, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, while the new EJ register, dedicated solely to business and corporate aviation, is a fully EASA-compliant onshore jurisdiction also operated by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). VIP or business aircraft in excess of 5,700 kg maximum takeoff weight (mtow) and used for private or public transport, can be registered on the EJ register.

Based at Shannon Airport, GainJet Ireland is a subsidiary AOC operation of charter operator GainJet Aviation Group (Booth 700), which is headquartered in Greece. The Lineage, registered EJ-IOBN, joins GainJet Ireland’s fleet of Boeing, Gulfstream, and Challenger jets.

“With our partners, Jet Lease Finance, established in Ireland, we are now able to provide a one-stop full turnkey operational and finance solution for corporate jets introduction into a Europe NCC [Non-Commercial Complex] or commercial environment,” said GainJet Aviation Group CEO Ramsey Shaban.

“In 2015, as part of our ongoing strategic planning, we decided to establish our next AOC in Ireland. We now have five high-end corporate jets on the Irish register. We received our Irish AOC in 2016. Besides the Lineage 1000E, we expect another two ultra-long-range jets to join the new EJ register before year-end.”

As an authorized EJ Register marketing partner of the IAA, Shannon International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) is positioned as an international hub based on the west coast of Ireland and is well-placed to serve both Europe and the Americas. It claims to be “Ireland’s national center of excellence for private and corporate aviation.”

"The EJ Register will allow private owners or AOC holders to register aircraft. The register will support temporary withdrawal of an aircraft from an AOC for valid operational reasons, for example for private flying in the USA," the IASC said. "For AOC holders, an operator who maintains both AOC and NCC paperwork will be able to ‘flip’ an EJ-registered aircraft between commercial and private operation with a minimum of formalities.”

The convenience of Shannon’s location is an important factor. “We started at Shannon with three jets back in 2016," said GainJet Ireland CEO Ray Mills. "We chose Shannon because it is a strategically located European base that connects continents. Thanks to the growing IASC cluster, Shannon has become a major aviation hub for leasing companies and Atlantic crossing traffic. We have plans to take delivery of further jets before the end of the year. With the new EJ register in place, GainJet Ireland now offers fast and efficient in-house aircraft registry solutions for commercial and NCC corporate jets, based on EASA’s high standards, for Europe and internationally."