MEBAA Convention News

Lektro Touts Towbarless Tugs

 - December 8, 2018, 1:00 AM

Don’t think of it as an aircraft tug, but as a facility expander and manpower saver: that’s the message at MEBAA 2018 from towbarless-tug maker Lektro (Booth 405), which introduced the towbarless aircraft tow vehicle in 1967.

Lektro’s line of electrically powered, emission-free tugs can move aircraft from piston singles to the largest VIP airliners, and due to their ease of operation and maneuverability, can reduce manpower needs, increase hangar capacity, and decrease the potential for aircraft damage, according to the U.S.-based company. The patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle on the tugs adapts to nearly every aircraft, makes hook-up a simple, one-person job, and reduces stress on nose gear during towing operations.

Lektro’s 10 corporate aircraft models range from the 15,000-pound towing capacity AP8360, which can handle light jets and lighter aircraft (starting at $19,258), to the 45 hp AP8850SDA-EX (starting price $76,222), whose 120,000-pound towing limit can handle the largest ultra-long-range business jets. Lektro offers a number of options for the tugs, so they can be outfitted for the variety of needs of a busy FBO, or delivered stripped down for the simple demands of a corporate flight department. Known for rugged construction, some 5,000 Lektros are in operation worldwide, according to the family-owned company.