FAA OKs ASTM Cert in Lieu of Formal Avionics Training

 - January 7, 2019, 11:05 AM

In response to a petition from the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA), the FAA has formally recognized ASTM’s National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies’ (NCATT) aircraft electronics technician (AET) certification as equivalent to formal training for repair technician certification.

Federal aviation regulations require applicants to have either 18 months of practical experience applicable to the maintenance of the specific job or completed formal training specifically designed to qualify the applicant for the job. As a result of the petition, NCATT AET certification, plus one additional NCATT avionics endorsement, is now considered equivalent to completing formal training as required by the regulations.

“After careful review of the NCATT AET certification and endorsement program, we find that these certifications demonstrate the technicians’ knowledge base and will assess the competencies of the qualified individual,” said Jackie Black, manager of FAA’s aircraft maintenance division, in a letter to AEA last month.

“The AEA spent the better part of the last 15 years working with ASTM’s NCATT to design, develop, and promote a nationally recognized certificate for the avionics and electronics community,” said AEA president and CEO Paula Derks. “This industry standard for the certification of aircraft electronics technicians is now recognized by the FAA, simplifies the application for a repairman certificate, and was accomplished without the burden of rulemaking.”