Singapore, Malaysia Strike Deal over Airspace Spat

 - January 9, 2019, 3:04 PM

The Singapore and Malaysia governments have agreed to take reciprocal actions to ease the airspace dispute around Singapore Seletar Airport and the neighboring Pasir Gudang in Johore, Malaysia. Following a bilateral meeting that took place in Singapore on January 8, Singapore will suspend ILS procedures for Seletar and Malaysia agreed to simultaneously suspend its Notam permanently restricting airspace over Pasir Gudang. The initial arrangement will be valid for a month, with immediate effect.

On December 25, Malaysia issued a Notam that marked out restricted airspace over Pasir Gudang reserved for military use. As the restriction is limited at between 2,000 feet and 5,000 feet, aircraft departing from Seletar were observed carrying out a spiral climb over Singapore island before leveling at 6,000 feet.

The Notam for Pasir Gudang remained active at press time.