Av8's Businesses Combine Under One Banner

 - January 15, 2019, 4:53 PM

Aircraft specialty companies Av8 MRO, Av8 PMA, and Av8 AOG have consolidated their capabilities and resources under one brand now known as the Av8 Group. Av8 MRO is an FAA- and EASA-approved repair station specializing in Hawker landing gear overhauls, while Av8 PMA concentrates on the design, certification, and manufacture of out-of-production or hard-to-find aircraft parts, with a dedicated engineering facility and an on-staff FAA DER. Av8 AOG, the company’s newest unit, provides OEM and PMA parts sales and distribution, expedited parts delivery, and managed repair services, as well as inventory acquisition and liquidation.

According to the Houston-based company, the move simplifies the relationship between the companies and provides a unified brand as its services continue to expand. It has also launched a new website that encompasses all three businesses, providing specific details of all its service offerings.

“The new group logo and website was the logical next step to communicate our entire range of capability under one roof, with one common mission,” noted Av8 Group CEO Yoel Arnoni. “It was essential that with our continued growth that our overall messaging could communicate the synergies available among our three units.”