EBAA Reiterates Permit Deadline To Operate under Brexit

 - March 5, 2019, 8:37 AM

EBAA is warning foreign commerical operators, including those conducting on-demand charter, that they will not be able to continue any existing service to, from, or within the UK without a foreign carrier permit or third-party country approval (CAA Part TCO) before the UK’s planned March 29 exit from the European Union (EU).

Currently, an exemption exists that allows UK commercial operations without prior approval, but this will be withdrawn as part of the UK’s departure from the EU. To ensure continuity for UK operations post-Brexit, governmental agreements are being sought to cover reciprocal UK-EU operations under a transition period until December 2020.

In the absence of such agreements, charter or scheduled flights from within or via the UK will require a permit or a Part TCO approval. Private or state flights—as well as those undertaken for non-revenue purposes such as ferry, positioning, and maintenance—will be allowed without a permit or TCO.

According to EBAA, the requirement for EASA Part TCO approval before undertaking any commercial flight within the EU will be retained in the UK, and its CAA will be required to ensure that all foreign air carriers hold a UK Part TCO. The CAA has developed a streamlined process for approval, which will be valid for two years. There is no fee due if a UK TCO application is made before March 29.