WinAir Releases Revamped Parts Sales Program

 - May 15, 2019, 8:54 AM

Canadian aviation management software specialist WinAir has revamped and enhanced the Parts Sales module for its WinAir Version 7 program, the company said. The updated module improves functionality for managing the entire sales process, from quoting and creating sales orders to shipping and invoices. The module is available for WinAir’s Operator, Heliops, and MRO packages and also can be included in custom packages.

Parts Sales is fully integrated with the WinAir Version 7’s Maintenance and Inventory modules, and WinAir has designed a “sequential workflow” that enables all information to be housed within one system. For instance, users can request parts through Parts Sales and that information will automatically be processed through to Inventory, based on an existing master part required part workflow.

All affected departments will have instant access to these sales-related activities, WinAir said. This can help expedite the order fulfillment timeline and makes it easier to access the required details when receiving an inquiry about a particular part, when processing an order, or when generating a quote, the company added.

Access to the information further assists in managing cost structure with information on the maintenance history, condition, and sale of parts, WinAir said.