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Gogo Provides Foreflight Users with Airborne GPS Data

 - May 23, 2019, 2:34 AM

Chicago-based Gogo Business Aviation (Booth U95) and ForeFlight, which is now a Boeing company, have teamed up to bring GPS-derived information to the ForeFlight Mobile Apple iOS app (Booth D31).

All that is required in the flight deck is a Gogo Avance or its ATG 4000/5000 system to access the Gogo air-to-ground network (in North America)—which offers the added advantage of providing the information “throughout the cockpit and cabin” via Wi-Fi. Anyone in the aircraft that has ForeFlight installed on an iOS device can access information such as location (lat/long) and altitude, as well as use the app’s various flight planning and visualization functions.

The new combination also negates the need for a separate GPS system with the hardware and antennas that go with it. “With this new capability, ForeFlight customers can get position data directly from the Gogo system, which provides additional insight for passengers and crew about the aircraft’s location,” said ForeFlight CEO Tyson Wells.

Lisa Peterson, senior v-p marketing and digital for Gogo Business Aviation, noted, “Our goal with this initiative was to simplify the overall on-aircraft systems configuration and reduce the number of onboard systems that passengers and crew are required to interact with and use on a regular basis. It not only makes operating the aircraft more efficient, but it also saves a significant amount of time and money for the owner or operator because the aircraft doesn’t need to be taken out of service for installation of new antennas or equipment that GPS systems require.”