Honeywell's Nex-gen Radar Selected By UAM Manufacturer

 - June 10, 2019, 11:16 AM

Honeywell Aerospace will supply multiple units of its new IntuVue RDR-84K Band Radar System to an unidentified air-taxi developer, the Phoenix-based company announced today. IntuVue RDR-84K is a next-generation radar system that Honeywell said is a step toward automating the takeoff and landing of urban air mobility (UAM) aircraft.

“The RDR-84K is one of the many solutions we offer UAM companies,” said Honeywell Electronic Solutions president Carl Esposito. “We’re continuously developing new technology to meet the future demands and needs of all developers so they can create concept UAM aircraft that disrupt transportation and change the way people commute.”

Using an electronically steered phased-array radar, RDR-84K has no moving parts and is software based. That means it reduces the number of sensors, hardware requirements and installations, maintenance, size, weight, and power needs—and lowers the cost of installation and ownership. Multiple beams simultaneously scan and detect different inputs such as other aircraft, terrain and runways at the same time, which Honeywell said will revolutionize vehicle autonomy.

It is currently under testing and preproduction. Honeywell didn’t disclose the value of the deal with the unnamed UAM manufacturer.